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Nail - Pedicure & Manicure

Our seven-step approach guarantees a clean and healthy feel for your hands and feet. This treatment restores the suppleness and smoothness on your much-worked parts of the hand and feet. The formulations are specially tailor-made to suit various skin types. Noodira Unisex Salon is the best manicure and pedicure spa in Bangalore

The treatment includes cleaning, and immersion in exotic tonics to facilitate circulation, a gentle scrub is used to remove layers of dead skin, followed by a relaxing oleation massage, herbal steaming and compressing, followed by a luxurious hydrating treatment and the application of herbal masks.

Best Place For Pedicure in Bangalore

An invigorating feet massage where steam is applied to affected areas of the feet over a period of time with a warm poultice of brick pieces and decoction to induce perspiration.

The medication is determined according to the body type. This treatment is ideal for the treatment of calcaneum spur.